TRADE AID Integrated, Ghana

Building capacities of indigenous entrepreneurs, creating opportunities and challenging systems that work against the disadvantaged, TRADE AID helps people to create and manage viable ventures for sustained poverty reduction and wealth creation. Various programs include micro-credit lending and financial services, livestock and farm inputs, and much more. WFTO member.

  African Market Baskets work directly with artisans in Bolgatanga, Ghana. Bolgatanga is the largest town in the Upper East region of Ghana, about 20 miles South of the Burkina Faso border and very close to the edge of the Sahara Desert. The sun roasts the villages of northern Ghana year round, except during the 2-3 months of rainy season when it rains, rains, rains. The people living there are traditionally farmers and herdsman, but with its variable climate farming is very difficult. Local women supplement the family income by weaving the baskets we refer to as Bolga baskets which are hand-woven using locally-grown straw. An average of two baskets a week can be woven by a woman who also has household chores, firewood collection, water collection, washing and the care of her children to tend to each day.

Proceeds from the sale of their baskets help to provide healthcare, education and financial support to over 5,000 African weavers and their families. FTF member.