Eco Bracelet


Eco Bracelet

Represents the interdependence of all facets of the earth: the earth, oceans, rainforests, atmosphere, wildlife, people, fair trade and peace. Designed by Susan Allen of the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. Handmade recycled glass beads. Stretch band ~ 7.5", 18 cm. Handmade in Ghana by Global Mamas.

Bead making has been a thriving industry in West Africa since the sixteenth century and the Krobo area of Ghana is known as one of the beadmaking hubs. The handcrafting of beads using clay molds and ovens has changed little over the centuries as the family craft is passed down through the generations. In Krobo, beads are handmade from all kinds of recycled glass such as bottles, jars, and broken windows. Krobo beads are widely known for their vibrant colours and high level of craftsmanship.

      Global Mamas, GHANA

Global Mamas provides women in Ghana, West Africa the opportunity to improve their standard of living with dignity by promoting their traditional crafts. Proceeds go directly to the women participating in the Global Mamas Cooperative (all are paid over 10 times the minimum wage) and to support other non-profit programs. WFTO and FTF member.

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